What Our Denver and Surrounding Area Customers Are Saying

We had a great experience with CWC. When our house got hail damage, they were incredibly helpful, professional, and easy to get ahold of in case we did have any questions. Jake was always willing to meet in later afternoons/evenings to go over any questions we may have had. The work that needed to be done on our house was done well within the time limit. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to any friends or family in the future!

- Sunni K.
Made our lives a thousand times easier. We had a ton of damage to our house from a hail storm. Unfortunately, someone from another company knocked at our door and we originally went with them. They flaked when our insurance company low-balled our claim. On a referall, we called Jake. Making the phone call was pretty much the last effort required from us. Jake came out for the appeal appraisal and kept the guy honest (to the tune of over $10k more than the original guy) and all repairs were done with the highest of standards. Highly recommended!

- Austin D.
Outstanding experience! As a Realtor who deals with roofers and general contractors all of the time. I was pleasantly surprised in the quality of work and more importantly - customer care. I have referred CWC to numerous clients who have all had outstanding experiences. I would highly recommend!

- Tony E.